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revision 3561 by emre, Sun Mar 31 02:48:35 2002 UTC revision 3562 by emre, Wed Apr 3 08:37:31 2002 UTC
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19  -  Deadcode elimination: Implement more forms of it. Prove the  -  Deadcode elimination: Implement more forms of it. Prove the
20     forms that aren't proven.     forms that aren't proven.
21  -  Mp_mc_connect_base (special notes):  -  Mp_mc_connect_base (special notes):
22     .  Check float conversion code.     .  Check float conversion code. Specifically, this code
23          DOES NOT WORK.  I need a way of going from the 80 bit internal
24          representation of rawfloat's to some integral or string representation
25          w/o loss of information.
26    -  Verify that Mp_mc_fir_eval actually is general enough now to prove
27       other things... . (It just occurred to me that I don't think I can
28       prove deadcode.)
29    -  fundef (Mp_mc_fir_exp) is a hack.  I need to come up with a term
30       representation for entire programs that is "convinient".
32  Notes to myself:  Notes to myself:
33  --------------------------------------------------------------------------  --------------------------------------------------------------------------

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