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Date: 2006-11-07 12:27:47 -0800 (Tue, 07 Nov 2006)
Revision: 9726
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      Fixing image files that were corrupted by the CVS->SVN conversion (they were
      accidentally marked as svn:eol-style=native).

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Binary metaprl/doc/htmlman/images/metaprl.ico
Properties metaprl/doc/htmlman/images/metaprl.ico
Binary metaprl/doc/htmlman/images/metaprl.png
Properties metaprl/doc/htmlman/images/metaprl.png
Binary metaprl/doc/htmlman/system/mp-arch.gif
Properties metaprl/doc/htmlman/system/mp-arch.gif
Binary metaprl/editor/java/images/image1.gif
Properties metaprl/editor/java/images/image1.gif

Changes by: Yegor N. Bryukhov (ybryukhov at
Date: 2006-11-27 13:51:54 -0800 (Mon, 27 Nov 2006)
Revision: 9781
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      connecting s4-prover with s4->lp realization algorithm

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+84 -1 metaprl/theories/s4lp/
+1 -0 metaprl/theories/s4lp/s4_logic.mli